Choose a culinary adventure:

1. Soviet History

This one is based on my Soviet Diet Cookbook.


We will make some Soviet staples and talk about the past. Sometimes my grandmother pays a visit, too! If you've read the book, I'm sure you're in love with her already.

2. Old Russian tea party by the Samovar.

This one is about the times before the 1917 revolution. We will make some tea in a samovar, read some Tolstoy and amke some sugar coated cranberries. It'

3. Modern Moscow - food, young people's life, new meals

We will talk about life and food in modern Moscow. The return of old Russian food, the new fusions, the trend setters. Prepare to eat like a 2020 Muscovite!

Classes are for groups up to 12 people. 

3500-5000RUR per person, depending on group size. Min. 4 people, max. 12.

Please get in touch at least 1 week in advance to lock in a date and time.

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